Speaker: Matthew W. Bates

  • Stanley Porter and Bryan Dyer – Origins of New Testament Christology

    Episode: Who is this man? Questions about Jesus are fascinating and perennial. Stanley Porter and Bryan Dyer team up to explore how the New Testament deployed diverse traditions–Jesus as passover […]

  • Brandon Smith – The Trinity in the Book of Revelation

    Episode: Revelation is a mysterious book, shrouded in symbol and rich in Old Testament allusions. What does it mean for our present and future? And more importantly, what does it […]

  • Michael Bird – Jesus Among the Gods

    Episode: Michael Bird turns the well-rehearsed scholarly tale about how Jesus came to be described as divine on its head. Jesus didn’t become God through the application of Greek metaphysical […]

  • Patrick Schreiner – Political Gospel

    Episode: How can the way of the kingdom be the way of the dove? How can the way of subversion come through submission? How can the way of the lion […]

  • Amy Peeler – Women and the Gender of God

    Episode: Is God more male than female? Most theologians have hastened to say ‘no’, but still many theologians have urged that the male analogy is more suitable in speaking about […]

  • Enoch Okode – Christ the Gift and the Giver

    Episode: If you’ve appreciated John Barclay’s monumental work on grace, Paul and the Gift, then you’ll be delighted to see how Enoch Okode’s work presses beyond Barclay into new territory. […]

  • Michael Gorman – Romans in Pastoral and Theological Perspectives

    Episode: Michael Gorman, renowned Pauline scholar, has now penned a commentary on Romans. The commentary is for a diverse audience, including pastors and students. So OnScript co-host Matthew Bates, who is […]

  • Thomas McCall – Analytic Christology and the Theological Interpretation of the New Testament

    If you like conversations that sit on the awkward fence between systematic theology and biblical studies, this episode is for you. Tom McCall's wide-ranging expertise clarifies the limits of an apocalyptic reading of Galatians 2:20 ("I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live..."), the pistis Christou debate, social trinitarianism, and discussions in scholarship sparked by Karl Barth pertaining to the incarnation. Co-hosted by Matt Bates and Chris Tilling.

  • Between Doubt and Dogmatism – Joshua McNall

    Tired of gurus that have all the answers? Or those so zealous for deconstruction that the have none? We need a recalibrated theological imagination that can fuel faithful loyalty. In this wide-ranging interview featuring his new book Perhaps, Joshua McNall shows us that when Scripture and great literature are allowed to resonate, we are able to move beyond rigid dogmatism and endless doubt. Co-hosted by Matt Bates.

  • Scot McKnight and Hans Boersma – Things I Wish You Knew

    Scot McKnight and Hans Boersma have a spirited exchange in their Five Things books--and it becomes even more lively as they extend the conversation for OnScript. After a drink or two, where would the theologian Boersma still want to press the biblical scholar McKnight? A wide-ranging dialogue on the proper interfacing of Scripture, tradition, and philosophical framework, co-hosted by Matthew Bates and Erin Heim - that is, when they could get a word in edgewise.

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