Speaker: Matthew W. Bates

  • R. Alan Streett – Caesar and the Sacrament

    Was baptism spiritual, political, or both? And to what degree was baptism seen as saving in the New Testament and early Christianity? Why? In his provocative and important new book Caesar and the Sacrament, R. Alan Streett shows that baptism was a politically subversive action that involved swearing an oath of allegiance to a new king. Co-hosted by Matt Bates.

  • Jackson W. – Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes

    Episode: How does Jesus’s death rescue not only humanity from its shame, but save God’s face? The honor-shame framework changes how we think about the gospel, faith, sin, and glory. […]

  • Brant Pitre & Michael Barber – Paul, a New Covenant Jew

    Who was Paul? How might we understand him as a Jew? What type of Jew was he? How do our answers impact our interpretation of Paul’s theology of justification, Christology, the death of Christ, and more besides? In this episode, Matthew Bates and Chris Tilling talk to two of the co-authors of the new book, Paul, a New Covenant Jew: Rethinking Pauline Theology, by Brant Pitre, Michael P. Barber and John A. Kincaid (Eerdmans, 2019). After presenting a case for thinking about Paul as a new covenant Jew, the authors discuss Paul and apocalyptic, Pauline Christology, the cross and atonement theology, justification through divine sonship and the Lord’s Supper. Sparkling with fresh insights, this book contributes to numerous debates in exciting ways. This is, as one reviewer put it, “Paul the pop-up book”!

  • Jeanette Hagen Pifer – Faith as Participation

    Episode: In this third episode of a mini-series on "faith" (pistis), Jeanette Hagen Pifer brings a different method to bear on pistis, looking at what we might glean from wider conceptual categories related to "faith," like persuasion and boasting. And she was a missionary in the former Soviet Union before becoming a professor! Join her and OnScript co-host Matthew W. Bates, as they discuss Jeanette's new book, Faith as Participation.

  • Nijay Gupta – Paul and the Language of Faith

    Episode: After years of relative silence, conversations about “faith” (pistis) in the New Testament and early Christianity are suddenly blossoming. Pistis is essential. But because it’s multifaceted and can be […]

  • David Downs & Benjamin Lappenga – The Faithfulness of the Risen Christ

    Podcast interview of David J. Downs and Benjamin J. Lappenga by Matthew W. Bates and Erin Heim.

  • Dru Johnson interviews Matt Lynch

    Episode: In this week’s episode co-host Dru Johnson interviews co-host Matt Lynch, and there’s a surprise mystery guest! Guest: Matt Lynch is Academic Dean and Lecturer in Old Testament at Westminster Theological […]

  • Michael Bird – The New Testament in Its World (with N. T. Wright)

    Episode: Michael Bird speaks with Matt Bates and Erin Heim about his new joint venture with N.T. Wright, The New Testament in Its World (Zondervan, 2019). We discussed Mike’s take on […]

  • Larry Hurtado – Destroyer of the Gods

    Episode: This is a re-release. Larry Hurtado passed away recently, and in memory of his contributions to biblical studies, we’re re-releasing this 2016 episode. Apologies for the sound quality. Larry […]

  • Q&A – Matt Lynch and Matt Bates

    You've spoken. We've listened.  You've asked for more episodes giving a window into the secret lives of OnScript co-hosts. Or at least, you've asked us to allow more time for chat between hosts. So we'll try to do a bit more of that. In this episode, Matt Lynch and Matt Bates, the co-founders of OnScript, ask each other questions about Paul, hell, life, violence, divine-human appearances in the OT, faith as allegiance, Matt B.'s new book, books we've read, and more. Enjoy, and share the word!

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