Speaker: Matthew W. Bates

  • Joseph Gordon – Divine Scripture in Human Understanding

    Episode: We all know that for Christians, Scripture is crucial–it’s the lifeblood of the church. But when we press deeper, what is it? What do words like authority and inspiration […]

  • Rafael Rodríguez – Jesus Darkly

    How does social-memory theory change how we think about the New Testament? In Rafael Rodríguez's Jesus Darkly, the Jesus that emerges from the shadows is surprisingly bright and relevant. Yet even when he remains mysterious, the darkness helps us anticipate the ultimate face-to-face encounter.

  • Kyle Hughes – The Trinitarian Testimony of the Spirit

    Is the Holy Spirit properly called God? Yes, Christians are eager to say. But how and when did this development take place? The early church sensed the Spirit's full divinity, but struggled for centuries to find a grammar. Kyle Hughes, The Trinitarian Testimony of the Spirit, advances an exciting new argument. He shows that the key is the Spirit's role as a divine person who could bear witness to other divine persons. Everyone who is interested in bible and theology--take note!--and grab a listen. Trigger warning: we also dream of eating large quantities of smoked meat. If that is more than your stomach can handle, beware. Hosted by Matt Bates.

  • Matthew Thomas – Paul’s ‘Works of the Law’

    Episode: New Perspective on Paul versus Old Perspective. The debate rages because a proper understanding of Christian salvation is at stake. Matthew Thomas has a novel angle that brings fresh evidence–the […]

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