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  • Faultlines in the Horizon

    Ervine Sheblatzm – Faultlines in the Horizon

    He's back! And this time with ideas about science, theology, and philosophy that will blow your mind! Prof. Ervine Sheblatzm has been "rethinking everything" and "sequencing out" several innovative new theories that he believes will usher in "encounters of the fourth kind" in the study of Paul's letters and in science. Listen in as Matt talks with Ervine about his groundbreaking new book Faultines in the Horizon: Paul's Dawning Age Marches On.

  • Ervine Sheblatzm – Paul, Multiverse Theory, & the Inner Soul

    Episode: Brace yourself for a celestial journey through the letters of Paul, the Multiverse, and the inner soul. Prof Ervine Sheblatzm sits down with OnScript host Matt Lynch to discuss his […]

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