Tag: Love

  • The Body, Love, Land, and Secrecy – Brent Strawn

    Episode: Brent talks about the celebration of the body in Song of Songs and Sharon Olds’ “Topography,” in a series of what he calls “Whoohiya!” moments. About: In Parallel is […]

  • A Poem about Love and Death (Song 8:6-7) – Brent Strawn

    A meditation on Song of Song 8:6-7, a poem about love and death, written and narrated by Brent Strawn. This is from our podcast In Parallel. For future episodes, please subscribe wherever you listen (Apple Podcasts, Spotify). In Parallel is a new podcast that explores biblical and contemporary poetry.

  • Jon Levenson – The Love of God

    Episode: Jon Levenson joins OnScript to discuss his recent book The Love of God (Princeton, 2016). Jon and Matt L. discuss how the concept of ‘love’ differed in ancient Israel, whether […]

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