Tag: Ramesses II

  • Five Views on the Exodus (pt 4) – James Hoffmeier

    Episode: This is Part 4 of our look at Five Views on the Exodus, this time with James Hoffmeier. Hoffmeier makes the case for a 13th century BC exodus from […]

  • Joshua Berman – Inconsistency in the Torah

    Dru and Joshua Berman discuss his bold claims in his book—Inconsistency in the Torah—that suggest source-criticism might erroneously ignore cognate literary forms in the ancient Near East, favoring notoriously slippery histories behind each source in the Torah instead. Working through Egyptian and Mesopotamian parallels, Berman discusses how the old paradigm of sources might be insufficient in the face of other comparable literatures. We talk through the book's core arguments, krav maga, Judaism in Israel, Fijian vacations with Seventh Day Adventists, and more!

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