The Maccabees and Hasmonean Expansion into Galilee – Andrea Berlin

Episode: In this episode Chris and Kyle speak with Andrea Berlin about the Hasmonean expansion in the Galilee. The bigger historical picture is discussed, along with how to integrate text and archaeology. Andrea speaks about her work at Tel Anafa and Tel Qedesh and how the results at these two sites have helped to illuminate the “Galilee of the Nations” in the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Guest: Andrea Berlin (James R. Wiseman Chair in Classical Archaeology, Professor of Archaeology and Religion, Boston University). See her recent book, The Middle Maccabees: Archaeology, History, and the Rise of the Hasmonean Kingdom (edited with Paul J. Kosmin). For more of Andrea’s work, see her page:

Hosts: Chris and Kyle

Summary: Andrea, Chris, and Kyle discuss the following topics: the “Middle Maccabees” and Hasmonean expansion into the Galilee; relating text and archaeology; the dynamic changes in Hellenistic and Roman period Galilee; Andrea’s excavations at Tel Anafa and Tel Qedesh.

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